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Reimagine Control Architecture

Kramer Control is a new era of AV control. By leveraging the latest in cloud and software technologies, Kramer migrated all setup logic to the cloud, leaving only Kramer Control Brains on the premises. Kramer Control provides unprecedented agility, allowing users to efficiently deploy control in any space, at a fraction of the time and cost.

Control Any Device
Easily controls all major AV, collaboration and automation devices on the market today

Scalability By Design

Caters to a single room or the largest of enterprises with the same instantaneous plug and play

Remote Control Everywhere

Cloud-based access allows remote operation of all devices from anywhere in the world with the swipe of a finger

Mobile-like User Interface

Simple, mobile-like  interface that looks and feels exactly like a smartphone app, making it intuitive for anyone to use

Affordable Growth

Stand-alone Brains and distributed architecture allow unprecedented agility to scale up at will, without any penalty

Easy to Make Changes

Drag-and-drop interface makes changing a current setup or adding new control panels a breeze

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