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Thor S-TViQ/3 SC Regeneration Power Filter

Product Code: S-TViQ/3

Patented SC Regeneration Technology 
Kettle / Clover Plug
Supply Voltage 240/Vac 50Hz
Maximum Current Rating 2.5amps/600 WA (VA)
Clamping Voltage 275Vac
Reaction Time Less than 1 Nano Second
Maximum Energy Dissipiation over 23,000 Joules (resettable by patented technology)
Protection Modes Active and Neutral
EMI/RFI Noise Reduction Filter Type Yes - Dynamic Active Tracking Filter Technology
Earth Leakage Range Less than 1 milli amp
Operating conditions Indoor/ AC Mains
Operating Temperatures -10C/+60C
Cable length 1.2m

RRP: $199.95
AVA Part: S-TViQ/3
Vendor Part: S-TViQ/3